Cybersecurity professional contemplating the dullness of cyber security awareness campaigns

Cyber security training is dull.

Welcome to the antidote

Why use CyberOff?

Most cyber security training is drier than an oat biscuit after a 35-mile hike across the Sahara with only Chris Martin for company. No, really.

It’s why people keep falling for the same old scams.

The antidote? Our unforgettable content… grabbing your attention, blowing your mind and imparting some much-needed cyber savvy along the way.

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How bad could it be?

Data loss, stolen customer details, reputational damage, employee downtime, client frustration, legal action… All of these are potential impacts of a cyber-attack.

And all are completely preventable thanks to a savvy workforce. Here’s a few terrifying stats for UK businesses.

Feel free to soil your knickers.


identified cyber security breaches or attacks (much higher for larger firms)


of those attacked were attacked at least once a week


of those attacked lost money, data or other assets


of those attacked reported being negatively impacted regardless of cost


don’t provide their staff with any cyber security training!

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